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  1. Gamera Godzilla ('s status on Friday, 17-Feb-2017 11:28:53 EST Gamera Godzilla Gamera Godzilla
    @shpuld @nerthos @why I never really found that though. Enemies were generally shrugging off rounds unless I nailed the headshot. Headshots dropped FC1 enemies like a bag of dirt but trying to nail that was more difficult. Maybe that's why I had less issue with Crysis because the cloak meant I could easily line up shots, not to mention grabbing and throwing with maximum strength was an instant kill. I cleared some battles without firing a shot, which would've been extremely difficult if not impossible for FC1.

    Yeah and apparently the I found mod fixes this somewhat based on me playing the first level so maybe this problem is solved. Still have no idea what constitutes hidden or not, though. Maybe I just haven't fully learned the system. Crysis was obvious because if I was invisible, nobody could see me.

    I found all of them quite spongy. The smaller ones are less powerful but their speed and high damage means they're too spongy for me to effectively kill them without either