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  1. Purple Hippo ('s status on Tuesday, 31-Jul-2018 22:07:25 EDT Purple Hippo Purple Hippo
    So, apart from the data gathering the major kerfuffle with GZDoom 3.5 is they've completely removed the resolution settings menu from the program.

    Instead there's having to drag the window about or having to use a console command to set it, or as one developer so brilliantly suggested "use an outside program to resize it".

    This was known about some weeks ago, and has been near enough universally criticised as being a stupid idea, with which the developers took it as a personal attack and responded with massive hostility.

    Also prior to public release, the console command was their way to try and stop criticism by saying a nondescript "better way" was being added, being a console command that nothing in the program even points towards.

    tl;dr standard features being removed / made much more inaccessible even in the face of all the reasonable criticism of doing it.