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  1. camoceltic ('s status on Tuesday, 12-Jun-2018 04:17:07 EDT camoceltic camoceltic
    It's as if Bethesda are hell-bent on making Fallout 76 sounds as bad as possible to me.

    Always online, forced multiplayer, no actual NPCs, etc.  It's pathetic.

    An I know it's not a mainline series entry, but that doesn't excuse it.  Even outside of it being a game in the Fallout franchise, it just looks like it'll be garbage anyways.  If I want to play a multiplayer sandbox survival game, there are so many other piles of crap to try that already exist.

    And, of course, some are defending it with "It's okay if Bethesda try new things!  If it were up to you people against it, we'd be playing the same game over and over again!"  Of course it's okay to try new things.  Bethesda aren't doing that.  They're following in the footsteps of other companies, making a game they know is a relatively safe product.