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  1. camoceltic ('s status on Sunday, 15-Apr-2018 23:28:47 EDT camoceltic camoceltic
    Made the mistake of getting back into Rimworld a bit.

    Less than 2 hours into my current map, and I'm convinced the game waits until just when you need a colonist to do something to make them throw a tantrum.  I have had TWO instances where I specifically instruct a colonist to do something, only for them to immediately (literally less than 10 frames after I unpause) start throwing a tantrum.  Not to mention the bullshit events.

    Oh, another solar flare?  How nice, my frozen wasteland colony can't use any of their stored power to use, oh I dunno, their fucking heaters!  Solar flare is easily one of the events I hate most, since there is no defense, and it's basically just "I hope your colony doesn't rely on power for anything in the next couple days!"  I'd hate it less if there were some defense, like being able to Faraday Cage a room for the price of a lot of steel, so your mission critical stuff (like maybe a farm) could still function.

    And yeah, that's the opinion I'm going to echo every time I get the idea to post about Rimworld: There just isn't any way to defend against a lot of the events the game throws your way.  Raids?  I hope you like having to defend against raids from decent-tech pirates with triple the population of your colony!  Infestations?  Hope you didn't plan on quickly taking out the hives before the bugs spawned, since they'll all pop out at once if you try it!  Solar Flares?  <See above paragraph>.  Pyromaniacs?  They don't even follow the normal logic of "A happy pawn is less likely to break", meaning that they'll break fairly often, even at max happiness.

    The single most infuriating thing, though?  The game likes to pile them on all at once.  A solar flare will kill your ability to grow food and disable your cooker and freezer, so you run out of food, so your pawns start throwing tantrums because of hunger, then "Oh, look, a raid!"  Long stretches of nothing, followed by what I'd call a "cockup cascade" if they actually had anything to do with a failure on your part.